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Access your network information on-the-go from your smartphone.

Instantly assess your network’s capacity to welcome new clients.

Strategize and design your network with ease.

Identify outage sites promptly for a swift resolution.

Access your network’s event history for insightful analysis.

Enhance control over your network’s fixed assets.

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Modeling different network types

NetStork supports inventorying ISP, city, regional, and industrial plant networks, including GPON (FTTx), copper, HFC, Ethernet, and radio networks.

Data entry into systems

Technicians can update inventory and network data in the field using tablets and GPS, with automated data migration from DWG and DXF documents, along with a built-in loader for data from CSV files.

Creating reports required by law

Generate CSV reports for regional regulators quickly, thanks to ongoing network inventory.

Different map backgrounds

Choose from Google Maps, Geoportal, WMS, DWG, or raster maps. NetStork includes a WMS and WMTS interface that can connect to any online map service.

Ergonomic interface

Enjoy a convenient, intuitive interface with contextual tooltips and intelligent dictionaries. Most network operations are visualized for easy understanding, even in the field.

Integration with Smallworld PNI network inventory system

Fully integrated with Smallworld, the world-leading network inventory system used by major telecom operators.

NetStork, supporting you at every step

Plan and Design Your Network

  • Create projects and sketch your network concept directly within the app, aligning seamlessly with your existing network infrastructure.
  • Integrate your maps for precise and network design.
  • Mark buildings for service delivery and implement your ducting system.
  • Add cable chambers, poles, and racks for comprehensive infrastructure visualization.
  • Enhance your network plan by incorporating couplers, splitters, and cables.
  • Ensure optimal signal strength throughout your network.
  • Experience real-time visibility of your system during the design phase.
  • Generate detailed reports to identify material and device requirements, streamlining resource allocation.
  • Print and share your network plan with stakeholders for seamless collaboration and alignment.

Network Construction

  • Stay updated on ongoing changes throughout your network construction.
  • Utilize color-coded markers and icons to visually represent each phase of construction, enabling quick assessment of progress.
  • Engage with stakeholders to discuss and refine your network project in real time.
  • Easily manage multiple versions of your project and track changes to ensure adherence to the plan.
  • Access NetStork directly from your tablet or laptop in the field.

Network Launch

  • Thoroughly validate network construction, identify and rectify any errors, and formally approve the finalized network for seamless integration.
  • Ensure all connections maintain continuity and routes are optimized to deliver reliable service to end-users.
  • Add documentation and photos to your project and change your network status to “Active”.

Network Maintenance

With NetStork, you can access your network and coupler connection schemes conveniently through a web browser. This is necessary when welding fibers. Here’s how NetStork simplifies network maintenance:

  • Quickly pinpoint outage sites in the field and log events with ease. Attach photos, protocols, and schematics to provide comprehensive documentation. Additionally, identify affected buildings promptly for efficient resolution.
  • Strategize and track maintenance activities seamlessly within NetStork. Register progress updates to ensure timely completion of tasks.
  • Evaluate the network’s reach to specific customers, facilitating swift resolution of technical complaints and optimizing service delivery.
  • Verify signal levels at customer locations effortlessly, ensuring optimal service quality and customer satisfaction.


  • Equip sales representatives with full access to detailed network locations, client profiles, and potential leads. This empowers them to make informed decisions and personalize services to meet each customer’s unique needs effectively.
  • Simplify the identification of potential clients within network reach and streamline lead generation. Easily visualize information about potential clients on a map, color-coded for quick reference.
  • Enable sales representatives to assess the feasibility of connecting clients to the nearest network node or determine the need for node expansion. Additionally, integrate other operators’ networks into the system for competitive analysis.


  • Leverage NetStork’s powerful insights to pinpoint profitable expansion opportunities and craft strategic marketing campaigns aimed at potential clients.
  • Customize service offerings to cater to the unique needs of diverse client segments. By tailoring services accordingly, you can maximize the effectiveness of marketing endeavors, fostering business expansion.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape by integrating other operators’ networks into NetStork.

Discover how NetStork can fuel your business growth

Accelerate inventory processes in the field by 35%
Enhance network data quality and consistency by 60%
Ensure 100% up-to-date and accurate telecom infrastructure knowledge on PCs and mobile devices

NetStork is trusted by over 300 operators worldwide

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“Globema not only completed our project within the agreed-upon timeframes but also upheld exceptional quality throughout. Their team provided professional technical support and demonstrated a genuine commitment to delivering top-notch software. Their proficiency and dedication were evident throughout the project.”
Henryk Małdziński
Vice President
“Transitioning data from the entire TK-CHOPIN network to NetStork has revolutionized our operations. With NetStork, we now have seamless access to vital information regarding our network resources.
It has become an indispensable tool for us, particularly in identifying and efficiently managing network outages during our maintenance processes.”
Bogdan Łaga
TK Chopin
“NetStork stands out as one of the cornerstone IT systems within our organization. Its modern and intuitive interface has empowered employees across various departments to utilize it efficiently.
Our experience with NetStork has solidified its status as an invaluable network inventory tool, facilitating streamlined operations and enhancing productivity.”
Krzysztof Marczyński
Head of the Subscription Service Department