Mobile and desktop telecom network inventory and data capture

Hint system

the application smartly suggests next steps & next objects during telco network data entry, simplifying and shortening the process of data capture

Working on Tablet PCs

you can inventory your data directly in the field

Ergonomic interface

increase your productivity by visual data editing on autogenerated and interactive schemas (also during stocktaking in the field)

Telecommunication network inventory

Work mode with GPS

you can position the entered objects and record the route of the field worker

Sophisticated data tools and analysis

data import from DXF/DWG files, background maps from various formats & technologies, OTDR analysis using data from reflectometers

Smallworld PNI integration

application is fully integrated with GE Smallworld PNI system

NetStork – mobilize your network

acceleration of
network inventory in the field
better quality and consistency of your network data
comprehensive documentation on the telecommunications infrastructure on PC and mobile device

Essential features

 NetStork on tablets

Network inventory directly in the field
Precise GPS geocoding
Application validates inserted objects
Fully integrated with Smallworld PNI
Telecommunication network inventory
Telecommunication network inventory

  NetStork desktop

Allows to import raster and vector base maps
Displays data form public map services such as OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, WMS
Modeling of pipe routes, underground boxes and poles

  NetStork – data model

Modeling FTTH , fiber optic, copper and HFC networks
Graphical modeling of fiber connections in the
connection points
Graphical modeling of connections between ports
Logical diagrams at fiber and/or cable level
Telecommunication network inventory

NetStork is used to model telecom networks
by over 200 telecom operators in Europe

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