Convenient access to information about the network and exceptional quality of telco services. Implementing NetStork at SAT FILM

Learn how implementing the NetStork inventory system helped improve SAT FILM's operations and the quality of provided telco services.

About the company

From its beginning, SAT FILM aimed to set the industry trends and decided to choose the newest technologies. Established in 1992, the company owns one of Europe’s most modern multimedia networks. SAT FILM’s network is almost entirely based on fiber optic technology so that the operator can provide the highest service quality and reliability.

SAT FILM’s telco network (HFC, GPON, and radio) covers the entire Włocławek, Brześć Kujawski, Wieniec, Modzerowo, and Józefowo, with a total of about 30k subscribers.


Industry: Telecommunications
Country: Poland

SAT FILM is a Polish cable TV network operator based in Włocławek and Łódź. It offers digital television, landline and mobile services, and broadband Internet access.


All the information about SAT FILM’s network was stored in AutoCad files, dispersed text files, and Excel files. The lack of a single, unified repository was related to problematic access to the information about the network, ongoing investments, and addresses within the network reach.

SAT FILM’s field service technicians also lacked proper access to the network data.

SAT FILM searched for a way to…

  • provide all employees, especially field service technicians, with access to up-to-date information about the network
  • provide technical employees with schemas of couplers for welding
  • access data about a new network before connecting clients
  • efficiently create reports for the regional controller
  • efficiently load network data into the inventory system


SAT FILM decided to implement an inventory system, NetStork.

The company purchased 6 editing licenses, a read-only license, and WEB access. Now, anyone at SAT FILM can access the system and network information anytime they need it.

The program proved to be a remarkably useful tool, and soon after, the company decided to purchase more licenses.

Implementing NetStork

First, the SAT FILM team generated a list of changes to NetStork, significantly expanding the system’s features. We implemented the changes which helped adjust NetStork to the company’s needs.

We conducted NetStork implementation and configuration together with SAT FILM’s employees. We also organized NetStork training.
We entered the modernized HFC network and information about the GPON fiber optic network into the system.

Now, NetStork supports SAT FILM in designing, developing, and maintaining its network. Technicians, dispatchers, designers, and the investment department use the system in their everyday work.


Now, the inventory system is the only source of information about the network at SAT FILM. No other data need to be stored in different files. All information about the network is registered and entered into the inventory system by the inventory team. Therefore, SAT FILM has a consistent source of up-to-date, quality information about its network.

Every new piece of the network appears in the inventory system before it’s shared with technicians that connect new clients. This helps manage the network development more accurately and ensures that the service offer presented to clients is valid.


Thanks to implementing NetStork, SAT FILM earned:

Reliable data about the network. Now, SAT FILM has a single, shared dataset that’s continuously updated.
Convenient access to data. Every employee can use NetStork to reach needed information, e.g., to verify the connection schemas or network configuration.
A valid, correct offer for its clients. In the inventory system, it’s easy to check whether the network reaches a particular address.
A way to quickly create reports required by law. Based on data from the inventory system, SAT FILM can automatically generate reports for regional controllers.
An improved process for managing investments and network development. The network is expanded in an intentional, planned way, based on up-to-date information from the inventory system.
More convenient, efficient work at departments related to the network (investment, planning, operations, sales). This is a result of simple access to up-to-date information, which…

helps save time that would be spent searching for technical documentation
allows employees to quickly determine the usage level and network availability
 eliminates mistakes in service offers for clients
improves fieldwork such as fiber cable welding. Now, technicians perform fieldwork tasks based on printed color schemas from NetStork

A way to quickly locate and begin to fix network outages. Precise outage sites are visible in NetStork so that technicians know where to go to fix them. Additionally, technicians know which devices are impacted by the outage and what tools they need to fix it. This is because every network element is described in detail in NetStork.

We asked SAT FILM about the most significant benefits of implementing NetStork. Our clients pointed to the convenient access to the full network data in a single system and the feature of automated generation of reports for regional controllers.


Our future collaboration

SAT FILM and Globema keep on working together. NetStork users continuously work on developing the system at the company.

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