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New features in NetStork

By 30/10/2015October 30th, 2018Nowe funkcje

We added a few new enhancement in NetStork: schema view, reporting and copy/paste function. Below you can find more details.

Explorig large schemas of connectors/stands:

  • You can collapse and expand elements (shelves, pipes, cables, etc.) by double click – on the whole object or a pictogram
  • Hints – with the “collapse objects” option in a context menu you can collapse all tubes/shelves. After that, you can expand them one by one – that way, you can see on the screen only the connections you need
  • Expanding/collapsing whole cables by double-clicking – after double-click on the cable (not a tube) all tubes on the cable will be collapsed or expanded.

Improved reporting:

  • you can add printouts of connectors, stands and poles schemas to your reports
  • you can select the data source for your report (all/search result/selected objects)
  • print the schemas titles with single printout

Copy/paste feature

  • now you can copy various objects with their hierarchy
  • the objetcs’ cloning feature was improved