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New ODF rack schema

By 26/10/2019August 20th, 2020Nowe funkcje
The application received new ODF display schemas. Therefore, inventory and visualization of location information for individual devices is already possible. The following device elements are shown:

  • ODF shelf
  • OLT, ODF equipment
  • IP device, IDU radio
  • OLT, ODF, IP Cards, Radio

What’s new is ODF devices and cards that allow you to model ODF devices with accuracy to individual cards. This is an alternative modeling method for ODF shelves that contain only the ODF port matrix and bypass the cards. This makes it easier to map more complex port layout schemes, for example, if the numbers on each tab repeat.

The location of ports on a shelf / device / card is defined in two ways:

  • Automatically using the Port Matrix. A port matrix is a rectangular area with any number of rows and columns. This area is filled with ports, as defined by the user, using the Sequence attribute. All possible combinations are possible (eg from left to right, up-down, up-down, left-right, etc.)
  • Manually by entering the port position calculated from the upper left corner of the device.

In schemas, you can use styles to highlight individual elements based on their attribute values. For example, the color of a port may depend on its status.