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New model of primary sewerage

By 10/10/2019April 8th, 2020Nowe funkcje

Meet the new primary sewer model in NetStork! The way of modeling and visualizing cross-sections of sewer sections has been completely redesigned in order to reproduce the real pipe systems and their sizes as faithfully as possible. The current model enables, among other things:

  • Visual editing of the profile by adding, moving and removing pipes within the given profile.
  • Adding the created pipe layout to the layout library.
  • Free positioning of individual profiles relative to each other by means of drag & drop method, allowing to map their actual position in relation to each other in the ground.
  • Overlapping of the profiles, which allows you to reproduce the interlacing of different types of pipes.
  • Modeling of different cross-sections at the beginning and the end of a sewer section, which also sometimes happens in real life.

Schemes of profiles and sewer sections faithfully reproduce both the location of pipes and their sizes. All pipe and cable diameters are now plotted on a scale, which allows to verify the occupancy of individual holes.