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New copper network model

By 11/11/2019April 9th, 2020Nowe funkcje

The existing copper network model has been significantly expanded to meet the needs of larger telecommunications operators, which also have copper networks. 

The following extensions were introduced:

  • Connection of one copper cable to multiple heads on the MDF switch.
  • Logical cables modeling multi-parameter point-to-point routes built using a number of copper cables
  • Copper relations that can be created on single pairs of both physical and logical cables
  • New MDF switch scheme, operating in two modes – physical and logical cable connections
  • Visual connection of cables to heads in the MDF diagram

The introduction of logical cables and relations allowed to avoid modelling physical pair connections in connectors, which is a time-consuming and costly process due to the number of pairs in typical copper cables. Instead, only whole routes are modelled. This is simpler and allows inventorying key resources for the operator, such as collated routes and relations.

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