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NetStork WEB – unlimited viewing of your network

By 30/09/2021October 12th, 2021Uncategorized
NetStork WEB

A network inventory system collects complete network data in a structured manner. Unfortunately, usually only a very narrow group of employees within an organization has access to this data. What if you need to significantly expand this group? The solution is NetStork WEB, thanks to which the number of individuals with access to network data can be unlimited.

  • Access to network data doesn’t have to be limited to one or two users. NetStork WEB extends the number of simultaneous users of the inventory system in read-only mode, without limitations.
  • The network data stored in NetStork can be used by anyone who needs it to improve their daily work: installers, customer service, or sales staff.
  • Via a web browser, any logged-in user can view the network on a phone, tablet, or computer. For example, they can search for a node and display a diagram of the splice.

The information gathered in a network inventory system is too valuable to a company’s operations to remain unused. Typically, companies have one or several licenses at most for the inventory system. In practice, this means that only a few people have access to the stored data, while the knowledge it provides could be used with benefit by almost every employee in the company.

Access to an up-to-date diagram of the splice or network would certainly make an installer’s job much easier. Information on the location of the network and the distance of the nearest node from the customer’s premises would certainly improve the salesman’s work. Thanks to access to the map of the network, a consultant would be able to tell the customer right away, whether it is possible to connect them to the given network.

With the web version of NetStork, everyone can access the information collected in the network inventory system simultaneously. The only condition is that they have a device with Internet access: a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

What are the benefits of NetStork WEB?

  • Access to data about individual elements of the network for many users at the same time (in read-only mode)
  • Access to passport data through any browser, on a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • A view of the network on a map
  • A view of the network diagram in multi-story buildings
  • A view of the crossover scheme in splices and ODFs
  • The possibility of zooming in the view of individual network elements
  • The possibility of searching for an address or network object
  • The possibility of measuring distances on the map, even along a curved line

Why use NetStork WEB?

We have 1 editing license for data entry, but with the WEB license, all the installers have access to the network data. It would be difficult to print out the diagrams of the crossovers in the splices or the course of the network in the field for each person. With NetStork WEB, the necessary schemes or data can be displayed through a browser on a tablet at any time.

We can't afford to have every installer, much less a salesperson, have a NetStork license. One WEB license gives everyone who needs it access to data. We have 11 such users, and they can see everything on their smartphones: ducts, micropipes, manholes, buildings, diagrams, etc.

Before, the installer would get a printout of a diagram of the splice. The problem was that with a large splice, not all the fibers were clearly visible. With NetStork WEB, they can display this diagram on their smartphone and zoom in as much as they need to, and the image is clear all the time.

We have two salespersons. When they go to a big company or an office, they can't guess if it's within the network coverage. Before, the salesperson had to look where the network was. He would come to a NetStork specialist and look at the screen at their workstation, sometimes print the image. Now they have direct access to the network view via a browser. When they are at the customer's, they can even see the course of the network on the map and the place where the customer will be connected.

Frequently asked questions about using NetStork WEB

I don’t want to make the network inventory system available over the Internet. I’m afraid that anyone will be able to see my network and its data.

NetStork WEB is only available to users logged into your domain. You can also add an extra login to NetStork itself.

What if there is no internet access? The installer will not see the network or the splice diagrams?

NetStork WEB saves the network views that have been displayed before in a cache, which allows you to still see the necessary network diagrams when the Internet is down.

Are you wondering whether NetStork WEB is something worth implementing at your company? Reach out to us – we will answer all your questions and find the best solution for you.