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NetStork team on conference diving deep into industry needs

By 22/05/2018December 19th, 2019Nowe funkcje

NetStork team attended the conference called “Where the steps of telecommunication networks are heading 2018” in Olomouc, Czechia. We met our existing customers, as well as, some new faces. We have discussed how NetStork is helping our customers with their business needs, plus we were listening to feedback. Also we were curious about news, problems and needs this community experiences in recent months. At the end of the conference, Globema team organized a workshop to introduce advanced NetStork features. 

We were more than glad to invite our existing customers for short chat about their usage and their feedback towards NetStork. Mostly, we discussed current problems of the industry, itself, and tried to show how NetStork can solve those. Also, we are always excited to get feedback, either it is negative or positive because only then we can get better in what we do.

Besides meeting our customers, we are always curious who new we will meet with. Meeting new proffessionals from the industry help us keep up with the times. New faces often propose yet unknown industry needs and problems which need to be met.

It has never been easy to come up with new ideas, functionalities or services for our NetStork application. However, deep conversations, which may sometimes last even an hour, lead us to invent more functions to make lives of our NetStork users easier.

Our promo stand was the last one to remain at the end of the conference program. Others were already packed with their computers, while we were still listening to our customers and visitors. We believe patience and attention are quite important and we would not end session with stand visitor just because the “school ring already rang”.

On the top of tough discussions and a lot information gathered from the first day of conference, NetStork team organized the workshop for our customers. On this workshop, customers could learn how to become an advanced users of NetStork application. As the business of our customers, therefore, their networks as well, is growing, the time efficiency is super important. To achieve that, one may want to know some shortcuts to save time and use it make the business grow even more. Something like that can be achieved only by knowing advanced features of NetStork.