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NetStork is expanding to new countries

By 21/12/2020December 22nd, 2020Nowe funkcje
netstork europa

NetStork user group keeps growing: the network inventory solution is taking over new countries! New ISP operators have chosen NetStork to support the maintenance and development of their networks. 

One of the new customers operates in Colombia and plans to expand their projects to Panama. The ISP is operating and deploying GPON (gigabit-capable passive optical networks). It’s the first time NetStork flew to South America.

NetStork in Europe

The next news is local, as some of our new customers run their businesses in Europe. We’ve acquired new customers in Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary and we provided them with a NetStork implementation, training, and maintenance, combined with our other services like Google Maps Platform.

There are also new NetStork users in Tirana, Albania (operating pure fiber optic), and Moldova (mobile operator, where NetStork will be used for managing radio and fiber optic networks and infrastructure).

We continue to support operators in Poland. NetStork was recently implemented in one of the biggest Polish industrial companies to maintain a telecommunications network.

NetStork reseller

We’re also happy to remind you that we have a NetStork reseller in Hungary. It’s AccessPoint Kft, which has been conducting commercial activities on the IT markets of many different countries all around Europe since 2003.

The company’s portfolio consists mainly of devices that help implement wireless data transfer. AccessPoint also provides active- and passive components of wire-based networks and other numerous accessories necessary for building networks.

Try NetStork out

If you need a solution for your network operations, look no further than NetStork. The system’s got you covered on every stage of network operations: from planning and designing to sales and network maintenance. Contact us for more details and a live showcase.