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NetStork 9.0 is out!

By 22/03/2019August 20th, 2020Uncategorized

NetStork has a new version! We’ve enhanced it with new functionalities to make managing your network even easier and more intuitive.

Version 9.0 brings you a few new improvements:

Group edition of objects and their attributes – you can select a group of objects to be edited and specify which attribute you want to change and to what value.
Export of data on the external network infrastructure to KML format – you can mark the export area on the map with contour and select the “Export to KML” function.

The use of Google Maps with an individual user license key (up to 100k requests per month without fees) – you need to create an account on the Google Platform and attach your credit card. Take your license key and attach it to NetStork -with that you can monitor the usage of the service and costs (over 100k requests).

If you need more information about Google Maps, contact us!

Besides these, more new features will be released soon:

  • Advanced configuration of object descriptions individually for each application context (Map, Editor, Hierarchy, Schema, Reports, Objects, Search)
  • New Project/Lease module (Creating Projects/Leases and associating objects witch them (many to many relationship)
  • New module for importing and managing rasters (GeoTIFFs)
  • New Object History module (registering & viewing history of object changes)
  • New ODF rack schema
  • Redesigning of the existing MDF rack schema
Version 8.0 included following key features:

  • Improvements for optical schemas (e.g.  new “Double Rectangular” ODF rack schema layout, arranging shelves and devices by using standard drag and drop method, better calculation of destination place for cables)
  • UNDO/REDO feature
  • Full support for HFC networks
  • Automatic conversion from Fiber Splice to Fiber Splice with Patch Panel
  • New version of auto-update application
  • Notes functionality
Give NetStork a try!