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NetStork 12 is here! What’s new in this release?

By 06/04/2022Nowe funkcje

We present the newest NetStork edition with functions that will further improve your network operations! Let’s see what’s there for the users in NetStork 12.

Importing data from .CSV files

In this NetStork version, we introduced significant improvements related to data import. The CSV data loader allows users to import any data from text files in the popular .CSV (Comma Separated Values) format into the NetStork database. The loader can be used for:

  • Importing dictionary data (object specifications)
  • Importing point objects with their map location
  • Importing network segments and their route on a map
  • Importing cable routes inside the infrastructure
  • Simultaneously importing data from many files related by external identifiers
  • Performing data migration from a different network inventory system

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.CSV data loader allows users to import data into the NetStork database in the .CSV format.

The tool enables simultaneous data loading from many CSV files which helps import relational data (for example, import data about nodes and network segments between them). The loader detects relationships between tables and determines the right order of loading. Before the import, the system verifies the logic, consistency, and correctness of data. All errors are shown in a report.

A created mapping of imported tables and attributes onto the NetStork data model can be saved as an import configuration. Such configuration can be used again in the future, for example, for incremental data loading from different sources.

The CSV data loader supports all definded coordinate systems.

Turning back cables in the infrastructure

The new version introduces modelling of turning back cables in primary and secondary ducts. Sometimes there is a need to lead a cable to a given location without cutting it so that the network can be expanded in the future. Such cases can be modeled in the NetStork 12. The latest system version allows users to:

  • Turn back any cable on the node scheme
  • Connect two cables that lead to one node with the same segment
  • Split a turned back cable in the node

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In the NetStork 12 system, reversing cables in the infrastructure is visualized on a scheme. 

The cable can be reversed in the primary, secondary, and micro cable ducts as well. Turning back is visualized on the node scheme and the infrastructure scheme.

Downloading documents in the NetStork WEB application

NetStork WEB is an application that allows users to access their network data using an Internet browser on mobile and desktop devices. Now it features a new function for downloading related documents. Thanks to this function, you can download and browse documents related to objects.

NetStork WEB in the 12 version allows users to download files related to objects in the system.

We also added an option for more convenient and faster downloading of WEB documents. Now, the document URL is an active link.

URL of the WEB document is an active link which makes it easier to download files.

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