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NetStork 10.3. released

By 14/01/2021January 15th, 2021Nowe funkcje
netstork 10.3

We’re excited to share some NetStork development news! The new version was recently released – learn more about fresh features and possibilities that come with NetStork 10.3, both for desktop and web applications.

Quick object search

We’ve added the Quick Find feature, available from the map level in the drop-down menu, making the work much easier. Using this option, you can find any objects by fragments of their descriptions. The description used to find objects can be configured with description configuration system when needed.

The feature is available in desktop and web applications.

Filtering dictionaries

If you need to quickly filter selection lists (dictionaries) to help you select values, in NetStork 10.3 it’s possible. You can filter dictionaries (e.g. addresses or object specifications) before selecting the value you are looking for. 

The feature is also available in the object search engine – you can filter dictionary values in the same way. 

Information on customer connection available on the building structure schema

In NetStork 10.3, you can see additional information on the building structure schemas:

  • Connection type
    • Circle – fiber from KLD easy access cable
    • Square – patchcord
    • Empty circle – no connection
  • Port number to which the patch cord was connected
  • Color of the fiber when connected via fiber

Visualization of connection information allows you to quickly see which buildings/premises are connected and how. This information is useful for installer, sales, or customer service purposes.

Web application – distance measurements on the map

The web version of NetStork was enhanced with the new feature enabling you to do distance measurements on the map. With that, you can:

  • create a sketch using a mouse, and the application will display the distance in real-time
  • add and remove points from a broken line
  • create multiple sketches
  • delete selected sketches
  • measure the distance and length of the network also on touch screens (smartphones/tablets), e.g. in the field.

Other improvements to the web application include:

  • Display of various schemes for an object
  • Highlighting the current object on the map
  • Schemes are now client DPI aware – thanks to the higher resolution you get crisp and clear schemas – not blurry ones.
  • The current position of the map included in the URL of the application – you can use all of the browser functions such as navigation to the previous / next view (arrows), creating bookmarks / favourites, copying links, etc.

NetStork development

In 2020, NetStork 10 had two more major updates – check out what has changed over the last year:
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Let’s stay in touch

If you have any questions related to the program, please write to us – our experts will be happy to help.