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Improved map printing

By 04/04/2018May 10th, 2018Nowe funkcje

We’re introducing a number of print enhancements in the app. The aim of these changes is to facilitate the preparation of project documentation / documentation based on projects created in NetStork.

These changes include:

  • Vector print maps so you can print without loss of quality with full printer resolution;
  • When printing to PDF (PDF Creator), all objects are vectors, which has a great effect on their quality and readability, but it is also easier to edit the resulting document using PDF reader software (eg freely available Libre Draw).
  • Use of additional descriptive layer, including tables, descriptions, etc. This layer can be prepared in any vector graphics program that allows EMF formatting (eg freely available Inkscape, MS Visio, etc.) and then uploaded to the NetStork catalog as TableLayout. emf