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History of change – NetStork’s new feature

By 22/12/2019April 9th, 2020Nowe funkcje

There it is! Our new feature, history changes, allows you to browse changes made while working in database or a task. It enables browsing:

  • changes on objects (who and when made the changes, details on the change)
  • changes made by selected user
  • all changes made in the system
The list of changes is ordered chronologically. They are grouped in more general operations, listed in the context menus. You can view the list of completed operations and search them with accuracy to a single modification of the database object.

For each single change, it registers:

  • list of changed attributes if case of modifications (before and after value)
  • list of all attributes in case of adding or deleting the object value of changed spatial attributes before and after. You can visually browse the geometry changes on the map:

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