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Fiber cable specification

By 21/09/2015October 29th, 2018Nowe funkcje

Globema introduces a new NetStork feature: fiber cable specification.

This editor allows you to visually manage the specs and settings of fiber optic cables. You now can:

  • Add new specifications
  • Modify the structure of existing cable types; it means add / remove bundles and fibers or change their order and colors
  • Remove existing orunused specifications
  • Edit new cable types using Copy / Paste – you can easily create new specifications based on existing ones. You can copy individual bundles or complete specification

While editing the specification, the program ensures that the bundles or fibers that are currently in use are not modified – such a change could result in losing the data integrity. The cables used are grayed out, so you can easily find out which cables are available for editing and which are locked.