Can I use NetStork in the field?

Yes, you can use NetStork during the fieldwork – both in read-only and edit mode. For read-only access, we offer WEB browser client that you can run on any browser and mobile device. For editing data – you can run the thick client app on a laptop or tablet (using tablet mode) and work in online or offline mode. The most interesting is the offline mode that allows you to work on data extract (task) and synchronize the changes later in the office.

Can I import data from DWG to NetStork?

If you have network design or documentation in DWG format, you can transfer such data to NetStork. The application has the import from DWG/DXF feature embedded. The complete external network (including canalization, manholes, cabinets, overhead network) can be imported without the need to enter each object into the system manually. NetStork enables importing names of objects – there’s no need to enter them by hand. To import data you need to attach a DWG/DXF document first (View-> Manage Map Sources).

Can I locate a fiber network outage?

Yes, there are two ways of doing that. NetStork displays the location of the outage on a map, highlighting fiber’s path from a measurement point to an outage location. You need to put measured OTDR distance or display measurement in SOR format and select a point on the chart. OTDR length calculation logic takes into account: lengths of figure-eights, attenuations of joints, welds, ports and fibers (Tools -> OTDR tracking; Tools -> Reflectometer data analysis).

Can I highlight other company’s network (e.g. dark fiber) with a different color?

Yes, using the style configuration feature you can specify a display style of an object depending on its attributes and even attributes of related objects. With an “owner” attribute, in which you define an owner of the network (canalization, cable), you can link the canalization color, line width or network node icon (View -> Style configuration).

Can I use a local geoportal as a map underlay?

Yes, you can connect any WMS/WMTS service as a map background. When configuring maps online, you can select which map layers will be displayed (View -> Online maps -> WMS/WMTS configuration).

Can I access NetStork data via browser?

You can access data via any browser if WEB client is installed. WEB access allows multiple users to read data at the same time.

Can I model radio network in NetStork?

Yes! The application allows specifying antenna’s type (with icon), range, direction and range in form of coverage angle. The coverage area visualized on a map allows you to see which clients can be connected to the radio network.

Can I use GPS while entering data in the field?

Yes. Your device must be connected via Bluetooth to any GPS receiver. You need to configure GPS in a configuration file. In the object editor on the screen, you can find a GPS button that enables to download object’s location from a GPS device.