Implementing a Network inventory system – Dodonet case study

Learn how NetStork helped Dodonet provide the most recent information about the network, all gathered in one place, improving services for their customers.

About the project

Dodonet provides services to a big number of customers. Before the implementation, network data was stored on different schemas, plans, documents, and some in electronic format. Some other important information was available only in the memory of the employees.

After the implementation of NetStork, the data from all these sources is gathered in one place and Dodonet has now access to a unified database where all the network information is stored.


Industry: Telecommunications
Country: Italy

Dodonet is a company of the EL.COM group, which has been a leading company for 30 years in the consumer electronics, information technology and telecommunications sectors. In 2010, they launched Dodonet to meet the needs of broadband Internet connection of their customers, managing to connect even small centers far from urban centers and rural areas.


The main challenge was to prepare the data to be entered into the NetStork’s database. Some of the data stored in paper form had to be transferred to the electronic format. Same problem was with information stored in employees’ memory, which was not stored in any way. Data that was already in digital form had to be unified and saved in an appropriate format before implementing into the database.

Dodonet wanted to have access to one unified database where they could access all of the network information and easily track their services or cable routing across the entire network.


For this, the company purchased the NetStork Edit floating license along with the NetStork Web license, with the possibility of accessing the network via a browser, so that more users are able to work with the application.

Anyone in the company holding a permission, can access the information using a laptop or a mobile device with Internet access.


Dodonet is focused on using NetStork mainly to gather all network information in one place. But several additional benefits came along with the implementation, for example:

Unified description – network information comprehensible to everyone
Quick access to information and better control and usage of network resources
Improved planning of service sales due to quick verification of customer connection
Better control over leased fibers, cables, and pipes
Accelerated process of finding and fixing outages

Plans for the future

Dodonet has been using NetStork as a network inventory system for almost one year. After gaining full awareness of the potential and usefulness of the application, they are considering purchasing more licenses and training more users to take advantage of the application.

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NetStork has been a very helpful tool for our technicians in their daily work with the network; after its implementation we are more organized when it comes to developing our network and providing maintenance.

NetStork is very useful in network design and creation but also in cases when a network failure occurs – it provides information about all the paths of fiber cables, splices and other telco network and infrastructure objects. We are very satisfied with NetStork

Francesco Cucci
Founder CEO & CTO at Dodonet S.R.L.